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February 12, 2020

Video Enhancements

Searchable Machine Transcription

Managing video just got easier with searchable machine transcription on Qualboard. With our sophisticated search capabilities, you’ll no longer have to comb through every minute of video. Now available on participant video uploads and Video Chat recordings, you can simply enter your selected keywords and skip right to the clip you need.

Screen Share

Our new Video Chat screen share addresses all your website usability research needs. With the advancement, you can conduct an interview while watching a real-time screen sharing session as participants navigate a website. Plus, share your own browser when needed.

Observer View & Backroom Chat

QualBoard Video Chats now has the capability for observers to join and participate in the research. Only seen by moderators, observers are muted on video and audio to remain anonymous to the respondents. Not only can observers view the interviews in real-time but they can also communicate with the moderator via our built-in backroom chat.

Video Chat Clipping

With our new Video Chat insights clipping capabilities, it is easier than ever to edit and classify your video insights within the QualBoard 4.0 platform so you can deliver more dynamic reporting.

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