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June 12, 2019

QualLink 4.0

Our all-new QualLink 4.0 is the first API technology that seamlessly integrates quantitative and qualitative research. With QualLink, survey participants that meet your specified criteria are immediately transitioned into a moderated online discussion. You save the time typically required for a recruit and move straight to capturing the next level of insights.

QualLink not only allows you to bridge quant and qual, but you can also use it to set up respondent auto-enrollment forms to allow users to join your QualBoard 4.0 project from an existing community platform, email invitation, or client list.

Built as a flexible API, QualLink is compatible with every major survey platform or can be embedded into most existing online forms or panel management systems.

QualLink is available for all users of QualBoard 4.0. Talk to your account manager about enabling QualLink for your next project.

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