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September 30, 2021

August and September Roundup: Video Chat Updates and Improvements

Mobile Browser Support for Video Chats: With Mobile Support on Video Chats, you can now reach participants from any device. Available on IOS and Android, you can interact with respondents via their mobile browser on their smartphone or tablets.

Video Chat Permission Controls: Using Video Chat's Permission Controls, you can customize the participant or observers' access to meet your research needs. From turning off a participant's screen share to preventing an observer from seeing a participant's video, Permission Controls allow you to have full control over your insights.

Screen Share Tech Check: Screen Share testing is now available in Video Chat's tech check feature. Joining video, audio, and connection testing, users have the ability to test their screen share before the research is live.

July 14, 2021

Project Chat

Project Chat allows you to seamlessly communicate with colleagues and observers on any project within QualBoard.

Built with collaboration in mind, Project Chat allows you to have a backroom space to engage with your clients on insightful moments as they are happening.

With this tool, you can access our moderator and observer and event-based channels or create custom channels to fit your communication preferences. Plus take advantage of built-in video calls when your discussion requires real-time interaction.

Project Chat is available to moderators and observers and is free of charge on any QualBoard project. Talk to your account manager to learn more about Project Chat.

June 30, 2021

May and June Roundup: Updates and Improvements

Insights Report: Introducing our Insights Report. With this new reporting option, you are able to export all insights that are marked within your study for both text and media- making it easier than ever to access key moments in your research.

Video Chat Lobby: With our Video Chat Lobby, you now have the ability to admit or deny users to a Video Chat. As a moderator, you will be notified when a participant joins the room. By admitting users individually or choosing to "Admit All", the lobby helps you control the flow of respondents so you can begin the research on your schedule.

May 31, 2021

April Roundup: Updates and Improvements

Video Chat Dial-In: With our Video Chat Dial-In feature, you now have the ability to let respondents join audio from their phone or from their computer. Plus, easily email the participant their dial-in information directly from QualBoard.

March 17, 2021

February and March Roundup: Updates and Improvements

Video Chat Pinning: With our new Video Chat pinning feature, you have the ability to choose which respondents you want to see during a live session. While in Active Speaker View, you can make a participant's video the sole focus and it won't change no matter who is actively speaking.

January 31, 2021

December and January Roundup: Updates and Improvements

Human Transcription: Introducing human transcription on QualBoard. When you need more detailed transcripts than the built-in machine transcription, you can order human transcription on any of your video uploads or video chat recordings. Before ordering your transcript, QualBoard will give you a cost estimate so you know what to expect every time.

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